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Floor Tape Applicators

Coarse Reslient Aanti Slip Tape
One of the most important parts of keeping a factory or warehouse running efficiently is making sure that everyone knows exactly where they need to be going, and the right area for everything to be stored in. To protect against accidents involving vehicles such as fork lift trucks and pedestrians, key routes need to be clearly marked, while areas that are potentially dangerous must be identified using floor tape applicators.

While painting a floor is a permanent solution, it can cause problems, paint breaks down over time, and if you make changes to the way a stock house is organized, the old paint can make routes confusing for staff and cause problems in terms of efficiency. By using floor tape applicators to mark out areas within the building, you get a solution that is hard wearing, long term, and flexible.

In simple terms, a floor tape applicator is a device that holds a roll of sticky marking tape and dispenses it onto a heavy duty wheel that places it smoothly onto the floor. An operator marks out the plan on the floor, and then walks along the various lines dispensing the tape from the machine as they go. The tape is released at the right tension, and thanks to the pressure applied by the rollers, gives a smooth and long lasting finish that is unlikely to be damaged in the short term.

There are a number of different options to ensure that all needs are met when it comes to choosing the right floor tape applicator for your particular operation. For a small business where the floor plan is simple, and easy access is available to all areas where markings are needed, the economy dispenser is ideal. This simple machine features a number of innovations to make it lightweight and easy to use while maintaining a high standard of construction.

For more complex jobs, including in areas where both straight and curved lines are needed, the deluxe model is recommended. This more complex version includes several refinements to make it a much more flexible and powerful tool. An adjustable wheel allows for instant swapping between straight and curved lines, and while the economy model has a fairly wide track for stability, the deluxe model has a more flexible system that allows the operator to only run a stabilizer on one side at a time. This allows for a line to be laid right up against a stack of boxes or a wall, and ensures that you

Proper planning of a workspace to maximize the safety and keep people and machinery as far apart as is practical has a number of positive long term impacts. Lower levels of injury and proper practice of health and safety means that insurance costs can be reduced. Over time, this will have a positive impact on other areas including absenteeism and associated costs. By using floor tape applicators rather than paint to plan the working area, changes can be made in order to improve efficiency and refine all areas of the process at a later date without confusing lines being left behind.

Genius: Make a Gaffer's Tape Key Fob

Won't Slip When Icy or Wet
Like most photographers—especially lighting photographers—I love me some gaffer's tape.

Today, a great way to carry enough gaff on your physical person at all times to fix a light mod, tack a piece of fabric to a wall for a headshot backdrop, hog-tie a captured smuggler or whatever. 

Get your MacGuyver on, below. 

So we are gonna make a gaffer's tape keychain fob, out of the ingredients pictured at top. That right there is 40" of gaff, effortlessly carried by default, at all times.

I totally stole this idea from one of my favorite blogs, The Art of Manliness, but they had it as being for duct tape.

No, no, no. While duct tape may in fact be more manly, gaff is what duct tape wishes it could be. And it is what photographers use because of its holding power and ease of clean removal. Don't ever mistake the two.

Be that as it may, if you are a guy—and especially if you are a dad with a son—then Art of Manliness should be a regular read. They are consistently great, and worth back-reading and/or RSS'ing.

Let's Make Our Gaffer's Tape Key Fob

Mine's a little different than AoM's version, with a stronger center and a completely encased wire. So, using the items at top, measure your pencil to the width of the gaff (slightly longer is better than exactly even, I found out) and cut it:

 I used the wirecutter part of needle nosed pliers and "nibbled" an indentation around the edge of the pencil until the center cleanly snapped. Then I "sanded" it smooth on the driveway. Cause I'm a guy, obviously.

Now, we'll snip and bend the paper clip (I used a robust one) to make the connector for the keyring as shown:

Next, we'll roll it up. I went through one side of the wire, then around the pencil, then around the other side of the wire to have the tape pass through both loops for strength. Then continue to roll it as shown.

I let the gaff tape hang as I rolled it onto the pencil and the tape stayed pretty straight. But you'll still have to guide and/or adjust it. I stopped at three feet and change. Much more and it would start to feel clunky:

So there you are. Several feet of gaff at the ready. I guarantee you I'll end up needing this within a month. It's awesome.

And duct tape? Pffffft. That stuff's for amateurs.


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